Sunday, June 17, 2012

Circuit Bent Casio MT-36

Just finished my latest bend, a Casio MT-36.

This one has an added filter (distortion and tone control), LFO and 5 glitches.  filter has frequency and separate tone control knobs.  The LFO has a Rate control and Amount control.  This keyboard uses a variable capacitor, rather than a resistor or crystal, on the CPU.  With this I used a potentiometer to adjust the amount of LFO signal fed into the timing cap.  This gives the sound out put a wobble or sequenced/ step effect.  At a high enough level, the LFO will make the keyboard loop and glitch.  In addition, there are 5 different bend points (glitches) that I included and are activated by 4 switches.

Output is via the standard (on bard) 1/8 output jack.  Runs on the standard Casio Power Supply (7.5 VDC)

Circuit Bent MT36 demo by gebrochene augen

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